"He's a strategic thinker with high capacity output..."
Jim Dustin - VP, Creative Director User Experience
Casey Edwinson - Channel Manager
Musician's Friend & Guitar Center Inc.
"The only thing to compare to Sean's industry knowledge is his ability to mentor peers, work within a team and in having an open mind in accepting new ideas."
Sean Garrett - COO
Plexis Healthcare Systems, Inc.
"Sean is an internet/website SEO/SEM specialist and marketing professional that brings a very good blend of technical and business skills to his role, and is always thinking of ways to improve upon current processes/procedures."
David Bridge - CEO
S3 Cases
"Ikusa not only understands website analytics and SEO better than most companies out there, they put that knowledge to work on your site immediately. Feel free to spend thousands with other companies as we have done and get mixed results or go with Ikusa and get consistent and beneficial work done on your web site regularly."

Our Experienced and Ethical Marketing Consulting and Coaching
can help you achieve all your e-business goals!

Why Choose Us

A Lifetime of Experience

Ikusa is the brainchild of Sean Smith, Ikusa CEO and President. His mission was simple-- to aid online businesses by vastly improving their branding efforts. Sean Smith has worked as VP of Search and Social Marketing for some of the top companies in the world, and he and has managed multi-brand and international brands. Ikusa utilizes over 17 years of experience in a Fortune-500 environment and they consistently strive to bring a well-rounded and results-driven approach to their work. They also have incorporated invaluable trade-secret techniques, strategies and direct training from companies like Google and Facebook. By coaching and assisting you in online brand growth, they help to bring a more professional and experienced marketing outlook for the future of your business.

Marketing with Moral Integrity

Ikusa was formed, in part, as a trustworthy alternative to the rampant, unethical marketing tactics used by vendors who only focus on getting good short-term results at the expense of a company’s long term brand viability. Unfortunately, since some vendors expect high client turnover, they don't take their clients unique goals or online reputation concerns into account. Sean Smith wanted instead to build a compassionate company that values long-term relationships, integrity, and honesty over risky and potentially dangerous marketing tactics. He said, “In my years of online marketing management, I feel these are values that are lacking in abundance, and so Ikusa is set up to enforce and highlight strong ethical values and a "white-hat" approach to competitive marketing.”

Personal Accountability and Corporate Responsibility

A key element of a successful marketing venture is the ability to be transparent and accountable for all of the work and communication involved. Often, clients are far away or lack a deep understanding of best practices. For this reason, it’s vital for a high-quality vendor to remain clear, open, patient and honest in both delivering on their responsibilities and maintaining open lines of communication between parties. Ikusa is committed, at its core, to put its money where its mouth is by providing factual and up-to-date data and analytics on demand.

We can do this because we are so confident in our abilities, we hold ourselves accountable for your success and have the numbers to back up our reports. We're proud to provide full client access and visibility to our data, how we do what we do, and more. Both Ikusa’s and our clients’ reputations are at stake, unless we provide excellent service standards and complete honesty. For this reason, we offer more personal accountability and corporate responsibility than other vendors, thereby ensuring sustainable success for both of our businesses.

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