Our Services

We take care of everything you need to run an online business. From site design and architecture, to re-designing and launching a modern look, to ongoing maintenance and management of your site, we live and breathe the Internet. Let us help you bring your business online professionally and intelligently.

Search Engine Optimization is popular but often misunderstood discipline. Because of this, many companies take advantage of businesses and offer them SEO services without transparency, accountability, or ethics, thereby damaging a business' reputation...often irrevocably. We take a different approach here. Ikusa is built on a model of educating our clients, total transparency into our methods and reasoning, and passionate ethical ("white-hat") strategies that eschew short-term gains for long-term relevancy and authority.

With so many years in the industry, we've learned quite a bit about what it takes to market a company online. From strategizing and planning to consulting and implementation, we work with you to empower your goals and improve how you interact with your customers. Lean on us and let us answer your questions, point out areas of opportunity, and be that secret weapon about which your competition wonders.